Lifelong expat born in France before moving between the Netherlands, the UK, and the Czech Republic within the last 10 years and currently based in London.

Passionate about narratives and storytelling, I had my first taste of screenwriting while studying film production at the Arts University Bournemouth. Meanwhile, I became interested in story editing and translation while interning at various production companies in both France and the Netherlands. Through these experiences and as a regular attendee at European film festivals, I have developed an in depth understanding of the international film market.

Since then, I have collaborated with independent writers, directors, producers, and organisations around the world as a freelance script reader, writer, and translator.

My ultimate goal is to help media content creators overcome storytelling obstacles and language barriers to develop the best stories for the right audience.

In my spare time, you will most likely find me country hopping, brainstorming abstract ideas, or juggling with foreign languages.


Multilingual & Multicultural
Narrative Analysis


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Script Development & Translation

Committee Board Member & Script Editor
(Sep. 2017 – present) – company based in London (UK)

  • Working as a script editor with independent writers and providing feedback on short, TV, feature screenplays, bibles and treatments in the form of written reports (3-8 pages) and Skype consultations.
  • Built and managing the script consultancy service in French.
  • Developing new initiatives, partnerships, and workshops.
  • Teaching writing for the web / digital content through a one day workshop.
  • Taking part in script clinics (face to face feedback for writers) at events and festivals such as at the BECTU Freelancers Fair and the London Screenwriters Festival. 
  • Evaluating treatments as part of the annual Euroscript competition.

Script Editor
(Nov. 2018 – Present) – company based in London (UK)

  • Coordinating the feedback process between writers and producers.
  • Providing story feedback.

Script Editor
(Nov. 2018 – Present) – company based in London (UK)

  • Reading  an average of 5 scripts per week including both feature scripts and TV pilots.
  • Wrote 2-3 pages feedback reports.

Script Reader
(Dec. 2016 – Dec. 2017) – company based in Vail (USA)

  • Read and evaluated an average of 20 feature scripts sent to the festival competition for 2 consecutive years.

Script Editor
(Apr. 2017) – company based in Vancouver (Canada)

  • Provided feedback and helped rewrite several treatments in development.

Script Reader
(Oct. – Nov. 2015) – company based in Paris (France)

  • Read and evaluated an average of fifteen shorts script projects sent to the European Short Pitch Competition.
  • Out of the fifteen, three of the scripts I recommended went on to win the competition.

TRANSLATION: Companies I have done translation work for include: La Fabrique d’Images and Book on a Tree.

Film Production & Marketing

Marketing Development Executive
(Jul. 2017 – Oct. 2018) – company based in London (UK

  • Drafting and editing 1-5 min advertising video scripts.
  • Managed the distribution of content on social media platforms as part of the brand’s promotion. 
  • Researching information for script content.
  • Organised monthly workshops and networking events. 
  • Submitted projects to awards and competitions.
  • Writing regular press releases and blog articles.
  • Writing tender applications including project portfolios and short synopses.

Festival Film Juror
(Dec. 2016) – festival based in Cambridge (UK)

  • Watched and evaluated 15 short fiction and documentary films.

Marketing Production Assistant
(Nov. 2015 – Apr. 2016) – company based in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Wrote funding applications for cultural events and interactive projects, including writing short synopses.
  • Translated press releases from English to French.
  • Submitted films and interactive projects to festivals.
  • Updated social media platforms and official websites. 

Production Assistant
(Jul. 2013 – Sep. 2013) – company based in Paris (France)

  • Read and evaluated incoming short and feature screenplays.
  • Translated the feature length script SUPER Z from French to English.
  • Translated press kits from French to English.
  • Wrote and formatted funding applications for national and regional funding schemes, including writing short synopses.
  • Edited script option contracts.
  • Involved as a runner on the feature length production SUPER Z.

REFERENCES: Available upon request

  • Lucy V Hay – author and script editor
  • Natasha Wheatley – producer


MA Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship
Goldsmiths University of London (2016 – 2017)

Script Reading with Lucy V Hay
(Feb. 2017) – London (UK)

BA Film Production
Arts University Bournemouth (2011 – 2015)