Storytelling & Advertising: what are the links?

Storytelling & Advertising: what are the links?

Forget new years resolutions – start your year with a story!

It’s been a bit more than half a year now since I’ve started working at Nucco Brain, London based visual storytelling student specialised in producing digital content for brands. Since then, I have been learning more about branded content and have noticed that the topic is getting more and more popular in general – such as when I attended the London Short Film Festival where a whole panel was dedicated to discussing the subject. The more I learn about marketing, the more I see narrative trends popping up from every corner of the advertising world; especially with today’s dominance of content marketing.

While writing a blog post for Nucco Brain, I came across an intriguing narrative theory called “the post narrative form” according to media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, which led me to focus the article on modern storytelling formats and how branded content creators could draw inspiration from it.

Here’s an excerpt:

At Nucco Brain, we believe that storytelling allows great marketing content to generate a response and get repeated. Why? Because stories have proven to be the most effective communication tool since the beginning of times.

Let’s travel back in history. In ancient times, civilisations made extensive use of mythological tales to explain the world around them. This oral tradition of telling stories enabled our ancestors to both teach and remember – two goals still relevant for brands to achieve today. Over time, the evolution of storytelling has always followed technological advances. Many compare the impact of the Internet to that of Gutenberg’s printing press invention in the 15th century, which enabled the written word to surpass the oral tradition of storytelling as a mass communication tool. Now roughly 20 years since the Web’s commercialisation, what impact is it having on our ways of telling stories today and how can brands use new narrative forms to their advantage? (Visit the Nucco Blog for the full article)

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